About us


    For us smoking went hand in hand with falling in love with life. So when the time had come to quit smoking, we did not. Not so much because of the addictiveness but because it felt like leaving valuable parts of ourselves behind. Then came electric cigarettes and at first we did not like them. Replacing the combustion process of a tobacco cigarette with an aerosolization however has been an indisputable breakthrough and with it appeared the glimpse of an opportunity. Creating a cigarette which makes the sensation not only less invasive but keeps alive the magic of its tobacco sister.

    After an
    eight year long

    we have come up with the first electric cigarette which not only features the size of a Marlboro 100 but uses the smallest full-fledged and replaceable electronics unit paired with a replaceable battery cell. This enables us to use the fanciest materials and production techniques for our cigarette shell like grinding wood, stone and ebonite tubes to a wall thickness of only 0.7 mm while maintaining the mechanical integrity of the parts.

    With five international patent applications pending we proudly rely on a network of the most renowned suppliers across the globe to bring our product to the market in 2023.

    The carnault spirit

    To us, Humans, are astonishing, driven by aesthetics and curiosity. We have built pyramids, managed our way through the Middle Ages and landed on the moon in 1969. Our journey does not end here, as we stand on the shoulders of giants and carry passion and innovation to the next generation. For Carnault, this means, as long as our company exists we won't stop innovating and perfecting our cigarette by further pushing its technical finesse and enhancing its flavors.


    Without our suppliers, shareholders and our team we would not have come to this point. Thank you for your lasting support, your trust and your excellent work in making the seemingly impossible possible day by day. Stay gold.

    If you would like to become a shareholder of Carnault as well, check for open financing rounds in our Investor Relations section.

    Our Team

    tobias kaiser

    CEO & Founder

    BSc Physics ETH Zurich


    benjamin kaiser


    Studied Law and Philosophy


    Mathias Kaiser

    Investor Relations
    Formerly Chief Insper of Criminal Police


    Philipp Knaus

    Production, Market Research

    Bachelor of Education


    Anna Kapi

    Graphic Designer

    MA Design , Visual Communication FHNW



    Thomas Scholtes

    MSc Mathematik
    ETH Zürich

    Paul Füglistaler

    Production Techniques
    Founder Premag AG

    Marcel Schirbach

    Product Testing
    Patent Attorney
    Formerly ABB

    Thomas Dury

    Sales Strategy
    MSc of Economics

    St. Gallen

    Stefan bauer

    Co-Founder Carnault

    Phd Informatics ETH Zurich