Invest in Carnault

    Important information: Please read our disclaimer before making any investment decision.

    With the Brokerbot provided by Aktionariat you are able to buy CAS tokens. One CAS token represents one share of the Carnault AG with a nominal value of CHF 0.10. When buying a token you become a shareholder and part of the token SHA. The SHA contains, among other things, tag- and drag-along-functions. Note that the founders hold voting shares with a nominal value of CHF 0.01. 1 voting share = 10 votes. 1 ordinary share = 1 vote. 

    After buying shares via the Brokerbot you can use the Aktionariat App to manage your portfolio, get notifications and make use of your voting rights.

    Trading via the Brokerbot is only possible from the company to an investor and vice versa. Note, that the selling feature (the company buying its shares back) is subject to certain limitations and might be disabled. To understand more about the mechanics of the Brokerbot click here.

    Token Holder Agreement
    Registration Agreement

    Investors can interact with Aktionariat Brokerbot® via the Aktionariat mobile app for iOS or Android, MetaMask, or any other WalletConnect-compatible Ethereum wallet and settle their transactions without intermediaries.

    With each share sold, the price increases by a predefined price increment and decreases by the same amount in case of a share buyback, allowing a market price to form.